Prineville Oregon Computer Repair

Prineville Computer Repair
Aaron Zumbusch

Serving Prineville and Central Oregon I.M.I.T. aims to give you the most professional in home computer diagnostic and repair service. Our goal is to take the frustration that often comes with owning a computer and to make it a thing of the past. Contact Us for help will all of your needs.

Have you ever needed help with your computer but aren’t sure where to start? Did you look around only to find out that in order to get your computer functioning correctly you were going to have to disconnect it and drive it to a repair shop? That isn’t how we do things. We understand that people needs their computer running at their top performance and don’t want to go days without it. Further, few people want to deal with completely disassembling the machine from the rest of the office to take it somewhere only to drop it off then wait.

With our in home service you don’t need to do any of that. Just give us a call and we will schedule a time to come to you to get you back up and running. In many cases the issue you have is something in the software. When that is the case we offer remote system service where you give us access to your computer and we work from our office to fix it right then and there.

We are happy to assist in teaching your how to use your computer as well as getting you the correct maintenance tools to get to most out of your computer. So you can spend less time on maintenance and more on using your computer.

Note for Professional Service Providers looking to contact us about services you off: Please see our terms and conditions before reaching out*