How to Copy and Paste – Why Would I Want to Copy and Paste

How to Copy and Paste – Why would I Want To Copy and Paste

Have you ever heard of Copy and Paste but not known how or why you would use it? In this video I give a few examples of the Copy and Paste function in action.

During the video I will explain a few reasons to use this function including making a folder to hold select pictures for a picture book and a recipe book from for personal use . I will use some terminology like right click. When you right click you will get a menu that pops up that gives you a bunch of options. It is very useful. I recommend using it all of the computer to see what shows up and it will go a long way toward you mastering a computer.



Remember that you can use Copy and Paste in all kinds of applications and items. You can copy text, files as well as pictures or pieces of them.

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